Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blammo Baby

Recently during our family hot tub time, my daughter Kailey created a new family 'hot tub game'.  Normally while in the hot tub I like to switch the mind into low gear and relax.  And I mean LOW GEAR.

As in, so low I might have left the transmission on the floor before I came out kind of LOW.

In my mind I was screaming NOOOOO!  Seriously, can a mom not just relax out here at the end of a day?  (As I forced a smile and asked what the game was.)  It was easy really.....lets all recount our day, in detail, all the way up to right now in the hot tub.  Simple enough.
And sure, I'll go last ~ as I assumed mental checkout mode.
Somewhere around 19 minutes in, I come to enough to realize we are on Kailey's turn and the insane amount of detail being shared from her day is going to keep us here until she's 17.

God help me.

I tell her to wrap it up sister.  Her response was to kick it into fast forward hitting the highlights.  But the bow on top was the finale.  "And BLAMMO, here I am".

So about this blog thing.....let's see....I guess you could say it kinda started here.

My insane love of coffee.  Spawned and nurtured by my brother when he opened his coffee shop.  But not just any coffee.  I'm the high maintenance LATTE type addict.  He ever so slyly enabled me to a whole new level when he surprised me on my annual summer Lincoln trip.  Barista Training.  Holy smokes.  I almost feel the espresso buzz in remembrance.

I also began following a few blogs from time to time.  When I found Kelle Hampton through a friend....well, let's just say a full on obsession ensued.  Her blog days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I practically schedule blog visits in my M/W/F calendar. I'm completely entranced by her children, her cause, and her photography.  To me, in blog world, she. is. it.  She inspired me, and the first spark of a thought began; maybe I would enjoy doing this.

The writing part?  Well I have always loved finding the right words to say what's on my mind.  And ironically I've been asked before if I do any writing.  That always gave me a good laugh.  Until now, because

BLAMMO, here I am.

So grab your cup o' joe~


Jive & Java's is born